Privacy Policy

General Provisions

POSCO ENERGY speaks highly of the protection of your personal information and abides by the rules of protection of personal information under the 『Act Relating to Information Network Use Promotion, Etc.』 and the 『Personal Information Protection Guidelines』 prescribed by the Ministry of Information and Communication. Through the personal information handling policy, POSCO ENERGY informs you of what uses and in what ways personal information provided by you are used and what actions are taken to protect personal information.

Consent to Collection of Personal Information

POSCO ENERGY has prepared procedures where you may click on the 「Consent」 or 「Do Not Consent」 button with respect to the contents of use agreement on the POSCO ENERGY homepage ( If you click on 「Consent」 button, you are deemed to have consented to the collection of personal information.

Collection and Use Purpose of Personal Information

The POSCO ENERGY homepage collects the minimum personal information necessary to use services in membership subscription.

In order to use the services on the POSCO ENERGY homepage, you must enter (your ID, secret number, name, resident registration number, address, telephone number, e-mail address) in making a membership subscription. However, there is no restriction on use of services if you do not enter optional items, such as (your occupation, hobby, interested fields)

The details of collection and use purpose of personal information items are as follows

  • Name, ID, Secret Number, Resident Registration Number: used for ID verification procedures as a result of membership service use
  • E-mail Address, Telephone Number: sending notifications, establishing smooth communication connections for handling claims, etc., notification of new services, news, event information
  • Address, Telephone Number: securing correct mailing addresses for delivery of gifts
  • Other selection items: materials to provide user-friendly services

Viewing/Correcting Personal Information

You may at any time view or correct your registered personal information. In order to read or correct personal information, you may directly read or correct it after logging in and clicking on , or if you contact the personal information manager (in writing, by telephone or e-mail), we will take immediate measures.

If you have requested a correction of mistakes in your personal information, the personal information is not used until the correction is completed. Also where incorrect personal information has already been disclosed to a third party, we will take measures for correction by notifying the third party of the corrections without delay.

Withdrawing Consent to Collection, Use, Provision of Personal Information

You may at any time withdraw your consent to the collection, use, or provision of personal information made in membership subscription. For withdrawal consent, you may click on < Withdrawal Consent (Membership Withdrawal), or if you contact the personal information manager (in writing, by telephone or e-mail), we will immediately take the necessary measures, such as deleting personal information.

Retention and Use Period of Personal Information

In the POSCO ENERGY homepage, the retention period of collected personal information is after the date when you have made your membership subscription until the date of termination (such as an application for withdrawal). At the time of termination, the POSCO ENERGY homepage will immediately destroy your personal information in a manner such that reproduction is impossible (where personal information is provided to a third party, we will direct the third party to destroy it as well). However, for each of the following items, during the term specified in each item, personal information will be retained.

  1. ① Where there is a necessity to preserve it under law, such as with Commercial Codes, transaction particulars and minimum basic information which shall be retained during the preservation period required by law.
  2. ② Where the retention period has been previously notified to you and the retention period has not lapsed and where your consent has been obtained individually, it will be retained during the agreed upon retention period.

Use for Other Purposes, Provision to Third Parties

The POSCO ENERGY homepage will use your personal information within the scope notified in and will not use it in excess of that scope or provide it to other parties or other companies/institutions.

owever, in order to provide better services, your personal information may be provided or shared with affiliated companies. Where personal information is provided or shared, procedures to seek consent will be taken by giving you prior notice individually by e-mail or in writing as to what the affiliated companies are, what personal information items are provided or shared, why such personal information is provided or shared, and until when and how it is protected/managed. If you do not give consent, it will not be provided or shared with affiliated companies.

Handling of Personal Information by Consignment

The POSCO ENERGY homepage presently handles the personal information of members itself. However, in order to provide improved services, your personal information may be handled by consignment to the outside.
Where handling of personal information is consigned, you will be notified in advance of the fact.Where handling of personal information is consigned, by consignment agreements, etc., strict observance of directions relating to personal information protection of service providers, confidentiality of personal information, prevention of provision to a third party, liabilities in accident, etc. will be clearly provided, and the agreement will be preserved in writing or electronically.