Sustainable Management System

POSCO ENERGY champions sustainability management throughout the organization by sharing and promoting the values on sustainability management with employees to become a much loved company.

Sustainability Management System


Become a much loved company that balances economic, social, and environmental performance

  • Economic value
    • Stable Supply of Electricity
    • Expansion into the Global Market
    • Foundation for Future Growth
  • Environmental value
    • Minimizing environmental impact
    • Responding to climate change
  • Social value
    • Pleasant and safe workplace
    • Contribution to Local Communities
    • Shared growth


Strengthen the Sustainability Management Infrastructure Internalize Sustainable Management Promote Communication with Stakeholders

Action plan

    • Establish a task force for the execution of plans
    • Implement sustainability management strategies - Select key tasks to improve implementation effectiveness
    • Link the goal for Sustainability management with KPI
    • Establish enterprise-wide business strategies based on sustainability management
    • Run programs that increases values to each stakeholders
    • Strengthen training and awareness-raising activities
    • Identify key issues of stakeholders and create the appropriate response process
    • Promote mutual awareness with stakeholders
    • Publish sustainability management reports

Accession to UN Global Compact and Compliance with 10 Principles

In September 2012, POSCO ENERGY acceded to UN Global Compact to reflect the international standards of sustainability management and show its willingness to pursue sustainability management at home and abroad. The company complies with the 10 principles in the 4 areas of human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption.
The company will continue to carry out its activities in improving relations with stakeholders, maintaining smooth relations between labor and management, participating in the environmental issues, and strengthening anti-corruption activities. It will also disclose the results in a transparent manner.