Business Ethics

POSCO ENERGY runs a variety of ethical management programs based on participation and practice to establish an ethical corporate culture and to internalize ethics among its employees.

<Supplementary Provision> Management and Operation of New Code of Conduct

  1. ① Compliance with the Ethics Code
    • This Code should be referred to for one’s actions and decision-making, and complied with in good faith.
    • The compliance department will handle overall management of this Code while operation of the detailed terms will be managed by the * relevant department responsible therefor.
      * Relevant departments responsible: The department responsible for management, reporting and evaluation of the risks (categorized by 8 sectors) involved in effecting this Code.
    • Company may establish a separate standard for more efficient operation of this Code as it deems necessary.
  2. ② Responsibility of the Executives and Department Hea
    • Executives and department heads should frequently provide education and advice to employees under their control to help them fully understand this Code.
    • Executives and department heads should take appropriate preventive measures to ensure that employees under their control do not violate this Code.
  3. ③ Obligation to Report and Protection of the Whistleblower
    • Violation of this Code should be reported to the compliance department in the most expeditious and convenient manner.
    • When reported of its employee’s violation of this Code, executives and department heads should immediately report the same to the compliance department.
    • Compliance department may verify the relevant facts with respect to the violation of this Code at its discretion, and the relevant executives and employees should fully cooperate therewith.
    • Executives and employees should not discriminate or disclose the whistleblower.
    • If the whistleblower’s right is likely to be prejudiced, whistleblower may be assigned to a different position as per his wishes.
    • When executives and employees become aware of a whistle blowing, whether due to his job or inadvertently, they should keep it in confidence. Disclosure of the same may subject him to disciplinary actions.
    • The guidelines for reporting of any unethical behavior including receiving or giving of money from or to the interested parties and compensation for the reporting will be separately established.
  4. ④ Reward and Disciplinary Actions
    • Company may, in accordance with the relevant regulations, offer a reward or appropriate compensation to executives or employees who contributed for accomplishing the objective of this Code.
    • Company will sanction executives and employees who violated this Code in accordance with the relevant regulations.
    • Company may restrict access of former executives and employees to the company whose employment was terminated due to violation of this Code.
  5. ⑤ Operation of Ethics Management Committee
    • Company may establish and operate an Ethics Management Committee for reporting, examination and resolution of important ethics matter. The guidelines therefor will be separately established.
  6. ⑥ Interpretation
    • If any of the family members, relatives, or acquaintances of executives or employees violates this Code while acting under the name of the executives or employees, such violation will be deemed violation of the executives and employees.
    • Any questions regarding interpretation of this Code or matters not specifically set out herein will be directed to the compliance department for guideline.
  7. ⑦ Amendment
    • Righteous Management Office may amend this Code as it deems necessary, provided that the amendment the head of the Righteous Management Office deems significant will require signature of the representative director.