Ethics Program

POSCO ENERGY runs a variety of ethical management programs based on participation and practice to establish an ethical corporate culture and to internalize ethics among its employees.

Ethical Management System

Ethical Management Office

POSCO ENERGY runs an exclusive ethical management organization, Ethical Management Office, in an effort to promptly adopt and incorporate code of ethics into corporate culture. The Ethical Management Office carries out various activities, such as system establishment, training, internal and external promotional activities related to ethics, so that each employee can internalize ethical practice.

Ethical Management Programs

  • Ombudsperson and ethics helper System

    A dedicated and designated ombudsperson for each office as a messenger for ethical practice. His/Her service includes ethics counseling, making announcements and overseeing education. We also designate an ethics helper for each group and team who helps the chief of department to run Ethics Practice Program and carries out ethical practice activities.

  • Ethics Practice Program: stressing the autonomy and responsibility of each department

    With awareness with respect to employees' practice of ethics expanding and taking root, upgraded ethics practice activities granting autonomy and responsibility to department heads with regard to the practice of ethics have become necessary. As such, the company has been operating the "Ethics practice program" since June 2005.

    The "Ethics practice program" is an annual program wherein each department discovers and improves ethical risks related to business.

Major Action Steps

  1. step 1. Identification of ethical risks : Checking the ethical practice levels of each department through questions, Identifying the ethical risks that may occur in the course of performing business through free discussion between department heads and their members
  2. step 2. Selections of items to be implemented and improved : Checking the level of impact on the company caused by the identified ethical risks and frequency of occurrence and selecting the items requiring preferential practice and improvement
  3. step 3. Self-diagnosis of ethical practice levels : Establishing detailed implementation plans covering methods, details and schedules related to the items to be implemented and improved
  4. step 4. Management of items to be implemented and improved and inspection of results : Managing the items to be implemented and improved according to schedule: department heads shall periodically check the results against the implementation plans and provide the necessary support to ensure success

Ethical Education

POSCO ENERGY considers it important to establish ethical values through repetitive and daily ethical education to solidify ethical management, and for this, carries out a variety of education programs. We conduct not only introductory education for new employees but also required e-learning program for all our employees. We also conduct ‘Ethics Education with Executives’ in which executives learn ethics by themselves and provide education to their employees.

Promotion and Events

  • Gift Return Center during Holidays

    POSCO ENERGY has established an ethical holiday culture through its continued efforts not to give or receive gifts to or from interested parties. Gifts sent from interested parties must be returned via the Gift Return Center. And difficult-to-return items must be donated outside the company or handled through auction inside the company. The proceeds from such auction is to be used as CSR funds.

  • Awareness Enhancement Activities

    We have conducted internal exhibitions, puzzle and quiz contests on ethical issues to induce participation of employees, as establishing an ethical corporate culture is possible only through continued interest and participation of employees. We have enhanced the ethical awareness of our employees and induced their interest and participation through various events, such as UCC contest, ‘Top Hero’ photo exhibitions, ethics fortune cookie events, and cross puzzle contests on ethical subjects.

Non-ethics Prevention Activities

  • Reporting System on Unethical Behavior

    To create a transparent and fair trade atmosphere and to spread ethical management, POSCO ENERGY has put in place a systematic response which involves stern measures such as limitations on trade volume and trade suspension in the event of business partners committing unethical or illegal business practices.

  • Reward for Reporting Unethical Acts

    To cement an ethical corporate culture through prevention of unethical acts, we run a reward program through which we reward a reporter of unethical act with a compensation worth up to 1 million won.