CSR Strategy

With a mission to shed light on the dark places of the world through providing energy, POSCO ENERGY has launched our CSR slogan, “Energy for a Better World” to express our commitment to creating a warm world through win-win with our stakeholders.

Energy for a Better World

Motive : Stakeholder SPICEE

Society, Partner, Investor, Customer, Employee, Environment

Concept : Shared Growth with Stakeholders

The tree in the shape of the human body represents POSCO ENERGY striving to create value for various stakeholders and to make a better world.

The color of the tree is the color of the CI and represents the company, and the leaves of various colors stand for SPICEE, the company’s 6 major stakeholder groups.
The slogan in the shape of a semicircle stands for
The slogan placed in a semicircle form means the earth, a cleaner and brighter world through green creation (green), and the warmth of energy (orange).

Meaning of Leaves
Local communities (blue), Partners (purple), Shareholders & Investors (yellow), Customers (pink), Employees (orange), Environment (green)