Participation in CSR

POSCO ENERGY is providing not only the company itself but also its employees with the opportunities to understand the local communities, and employees are actively participating in the sharing activities.

1% Sharing Fund

1% Sharing Fund is a social contribution fund to make a brighter world. The fund was created by employees who want to donate a certain amount of money through salary deduction for the vulnerable classes of the local communities near their workplace.

To develop a donation culture jointly participated by labor and management, the company also donates matching grant to the 1% Sharing Fund. Moreover, the company established a 1% Sharing Fund committee at each operational site for employees to discuss and approve the use of the fund on their own.
From 2013 POSCO ENERGY has vigorously implemented 1% Sharing Fund Campaign. Executives take the lead in this 1% salary sharing activity and also employees set their own donation amount from one account (KRW 5,000), contributing to the creation of the fund.

Executive 1% Sharing Fund

This fund is raised by executives of POSCO FAMILY.
The leaders put sharing leadership in practice to contribute to making POSCO FAMILY a company admired by local communities.
The raised funds are used as financial sources for POSCO FAMILY multi-culture support programs.