Participation in CSR

POSCO ENERGY is providing not only the company itself but also its employees with the opportunities to understand the local communities, and employees are actively participating in the sharing activities.

POSCO ENERGY has categorized its various volunteer activities into four categories. B.E.S.T. is the name for our voluntary activity program made from the initials of the four categories.

  • Basic

    Sharing Saturday

    Basic volunteer activity by division and by small groups

  • Entertaining

    Themed Volunteer Activity

    Experiential volunteer activity pursuing ‘VOLUNTAINMENT’ with family and stakeholders

  • Strategic

    Energy Volunteer Activity

    Volunteer activities related to the representative CSR Programs where employees can learn the company’s CSR philosophy

  • Together

    Family Volunteer Activity

    POSCO FAMILY-wide joint volunteer activities sharing with local communities

Volunteer Hour of Employees per Person

Volunteer Hour of Employees per Person
2010 2011 2012 2013
Time 24.2Hrs 28.5Hrs 34.2Hrs 28.9Hrs