CSR Programs

POSCO ENERGY conducts energy efficientization project for old houses of the energy-poor.
Through this measure, we reduce energy costs of the energy-poor and, taking the initiative in sharing green values, reduce CO₂ emissions, the main cause of GHG.

Project : Energy Dream Project

Delivers 'Hope Energy' to the energy-poor through supporting programs and providing love-sharing through the participation by our employees and stakeholders


Construction works to raise energy efficiency
(insulation installation, joinery construction, floor plumbing construction, replacement of aged boilers, etc.)


Agreement signing ceremony > Presentation > Document receipt > Field survey > Construction planning > Specialized construction > Final construction (link with voluntary activity) > Result report


  Beneficiaries CO₂ Reduction Tree Planting Effect Energy Cost Saving
2012 10 households 7,488 kg/year 1,337 trees KRW 1,607,000/year
2013 40 households
and 5 facilities
48,067 kg/year 8,583 trees KRW 14,732,000/year
2014 57 households
and 6 facilities
62,819 kg/year 11,218 trees KRW 18,812,000/year
2015 112 households
and 4 facilities
89,512 kg/year 15,983 trees KRW 23,434,000/year
2016 95 households
and 6 facilities
93,343kg/year 18,812 trees KRW 23,957,000/year
2017 41 households
and 2 facilities
138,450kg/year 49,841 trees KRW 17,860,000/year

※ Tree Planting Effect : The average amount of CO2 absorption by 20-year conifers (1tree = 5.6kg)