POSCO ENERGY is a global comprehensive energy provider leading the global energy business beyond its position of Korea’s first and largest independent power producer.

POSCO ENERGY, founded in 1969 as Kyung-In Energy Company and having joined POSCO FAMILY in 2005, is a comprehensive energy provider engaged in four key energy business areas: Power generation, Renewable energy, Fuel cell, and Resource development.
Having supplied electricity to the metropolitan area for over 48 years, POSCO ENERGY also runs Gwangyang and Pohang Off-gas Combined Cycle Power Plants, environmentally friendly enterprises generating electricity with off-gases from the process of steel making. Starting with an Off-gas Power Plant project in Indonesia, we are gradually expanding our presence in the global market to include Vietnam.
Since 2007, POSCO ENERGY has grown into the world’s largest fuel cell provider through continued R&D and investment in fuel cell, and has vigorously implemented a variety of renewable energy business areas including Waste to Energy Business, Photovoltaic power plant and Wind Power Plant.

Korea’s first and largest independent power producer, the world’s largest fuel cell provider, and the leader in renewable energy.
These accomplishments have been made through POSCO ENERGY’s long-standing commitments to the creation of a brighter world with cleaner energy over the last 48 years. POSCO ENERGY willl remain dedicated to building a brighter world fueled by cleaner energy by pushing our boundaries through various energy projects and realizing our vision “Beyond Energy, Better Life”.