Starting as the nation’s first independent power producer, POSCO ENERGY is stepping up towards becoming a global comprehensive energy provider beyond the nation’s largest independent power producer.

  • 2016

    1. Dec Executed PPA(Power Purchase Agreement) with Botswana Power Corporation (Botswana Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plant 300MW in total)
  • 2015

    1. Oct Completed MongDuoung Ⅱ Coal-FiredThermal Power Plant in Vietnam (1,120MW)
    2. Apr Completed Units 7,8 and 9 of Incheon LNG Combined Cycle Power Plant (1,260MW /3,412MW in total)
  • 2014

    1. Dec Completed Tancheon Used Water Heat Energy Utilization Facility
    2. Sep Advanced into Samcheok coal-fired thermal power generation business (2,100MW)
    3. Aug Completed the entire Shinan Photovoltaic Power Complex (14.5MW in total)
    4. Jul Completed Pohang Off-Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant (290MW)
    5. Jan Completed Off-Gas Power Plant in Indonesia (200MW)
  • 2013

    1. Nov Completed the construction of Busan SRF(Solid Refuse Fuel) Power Plant (24.8MW)
  • 2012

    1. Feb Renamed POSCO ENERGY Co., Ltd
  • 2011

    1. Sep Completed Units 5 and 6 at Incheon LNG Combined Cycle Power Plant (1,252MW)
    2. Mar Completed the fuel cell stack manufacturing facility (Pohang / annual capacity of 100MW) Founded the Women’s Table Tennis Club
  • 2010

    1. Dec Completed Gwangyang Off-Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant(284MW)