Business Using Sewage Heat

POSCO ENERGY carries out eco-friendly energy business that recovers heat energy of domestic sewage flowing into the river through a heat pump and reproduces it into heat for district heating.

Sewage Heat Recovery Process

Domestic sewage is processed at the sewage treatment facility and then discharged into the river. As sewage has the average temperature of 12 ℃ (even in the winter), POSCO ENERGY recovers such wasted heat energy by using heat pumps, and further supply heat for district heating.

Tancheon Used Water Heat Energy Utilization Facility

  • Location : 580 Ilwon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Project Type : BTO(Build Transfer Operate)
  • Capacity : Heat Pump(9Gcal/h x 7), Heat Production(200,000Gcal/year)
  • Expected Effects : LNG Substitution(19,000,000N㎥/year), CO₂ Reduction(44,000tCO₂/year)