SRF Power Generation Facility

POSCO ENERGY contributes to resolving environmental pollution issues and carries out RDF power generation projects by recovering as much as possible ecyclable resources from municipal waste and producing eco-friendly energy.

Operation Principles of SRF Power Generation Facility

※ SRF(Solid Refuse Fuel) Solid fuel which is processed by collecting combustible waste instead of incinerating or burying it

Busan Waste Treatment & Power Generation Facility

  • Location : 64 Hanjeok-gil, Gangseo-gu, Busan
  • Project Type : BTO(Build Transfer Operate)
  • Capacity : Waste Treatment - 900 tons/day, Power Generation - 25MW(Electricity for 40,000 households per year)
  • Expected Effects : LNG Substitution(70,000,000N㎥/year), CO₂ Reduction(174,000tCO₂/year)
  • Features : The nation's first integrated SFR power generation facility (with waste treatment /waste to energy facility)