Fuel Cell - Business

We create the energy care-free world. We make a beautiful future for the Earth.

POSCO Energy is the world’s largest fuel cell producer taking the lead in green energy business through a fuel cell, the hydrogen-based eco-friendly power generation system.

A fuel cell is a highly efficient and ultra clean power generation system that generates electricity and heat from the electrochemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen without combustion.
Unlike a conventional power plant, fuel cell generates electricity directly, without undergoing an energy conversion process through fuel combustion, making it highly efficient, eco-friendly, and readily available for distributed generation as a next-generation energy source.

CBDs and buildings

Residential areas, apartments, office buildings, hotels, and shopping malls

Uninterrupted power supply

IDC, hospitals, fire departments, broadcasting stations, police stations, and correctional facilities

Large-scale fuel cell

Manufacturing facilities and fuel cell power generation complexes

Off-gas and bio gas power generation

Wastewater treatment plants, landfills, and gas storage facilities


LNG carriers, oil tankers, container ships,
and passenger ships