Fuel Cell - Business

We create the energy care-free world. We make a beautiful future for the Earth.

POSCO Energy is the world’s largest fuel cell producer taking the lead in green energy business through a fuel cell, the hydrogen-based eco-friendly power generation system.

A fuel cell is a highly efficient and ultra clean power generation system that generates electricity and heat from the electrochemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen without combustion.
Unlike a conventional power plant, fuel cell generates electricity directly, without undergoing an energy conversion process through fuel combustion, making it highly efficient, eco-friendly, and readily available for distributed generation as a next-generation energy source.

1. High Efficiency.

The highest efficiency among currently available power generation technologies.

  • Electrical efficiency 47%, when including heat recovery efficiency80%
  • Up to 50% greater efficiency compared to conventional power generation

2. Always Reliable.

Fuel Cell generates electricity continuously 24hrs a day, 365days a year.

  • Its highly reliable operation makes it an ideal emergency power supply, uninterrupted power source or auxiliary power unit
  • It overcomes the weaknesses and operational restrictions of renewable energy with a high Capacity Factor up to 90%

3. Can be Installed Anywhere.

Fuel Cell exhibits the highest space efficiency, making it suitable for CBDs with poor installation conditions.

  • Achieves highest space efficiency at approximately 0.18m²/kW
  • Can be installed outdoors, underground, or on rooftops with no restrictions on installation conditions
  • Suitable for Central Business Districts with high land costs

4. Generating Power wherever you need it.

Fuel Cell is a distributed power source that generates and supplies energy where it is required, enabling the use of electricity with no transmission towers or transmission loss.

  • Eliminates construction costs required for transmission facilities such as towers and protects the environment
  • Improves commercial viability by eliminating transmission loss


Low Emission of CO2 (40% reduction)

Low-level Noise